Learn English In Just 30 Years

An exclusive event and lunch in the Turin city centre

Turin, Italy | Saturday, 24th June, 2023

Finally get the level of English you want

Does this sound familiar?

  • You have studied English for years but nothing seems to work
  • You know a lot of vocabulary and grammar but it all disappears when you speak
  • You are ashamed of your accent, and you’re afraid to speak in front of other people
  • You don’t know which methods, courses, or exams to do
  • You feel like you’re too old to learn a new language

You are not alone. Millions of English learners all over the world share the same problems and frustrations.

There is a solution. But it’s not another course or ‘magic’ method.

During this event you will learn how to use the power of the most important learning tool in the world: YOU.


“Now I never worry about my English. I just let myself go. You can’t do better than that.”

Alessandro, Italy

What if everything could change in a morning?

In this powerful combination of presentations and workshops you will discover the scientific and classroom evidence for the best ways to succeed at learning English, including:

  • How to learn and remember vocabulary
  • How to understand the logic of English grammar
  • How to get a perfect accent
  • How to get motivated and overcome your fear of speaking

After the workshops, you will enjoy an intimate pizza lunch where you will have the opportunity to chat with the teachers and other participants, and put your new knowledge into practice in an English-immersion environment.

No more false promises

You’ve already wasted your time and money on courses and methods that just don’t work. Now it’s time to learn the truth about language learning.

The presentations and workshops are run by Christian Saunders and Matt Halsdorff, who have decades of experience in real classrooms with students just like you.

Christian’s online classes and interviews with the world’s leading language experts have been viewed millions of times, and Matt has spent years transforming the English of teams inside some of the world’s largest companies.


“The improvement in speaking is remarkable thanks to the teachers and their dedication.”

Maria, Italy

Palazzo Costa Carrù della Trinità
Via San Francesco da Paola, 17
10123 Torino, Italy

09:00-13:00: Presentations and workshops
13:00-15:00: Lunch

What’s included:
4 hours of expert presentations and interactive workshops.
All teaching materials.
Pizza lunch with one drink and coffee.

The entire event is in English, so you will need at least a basic level of English to participate.
The event is adults-only.

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