Read Between The Lines.

An evidence-based course on how to read faster and understand more.

About this course.

Read Between The Lines is an introduction to the science of reading, the fake science of reading, and how to really read faster and understand more. You will learn about the difference between speech and writing, how our eyes move, and how our brains process language.

The course explains common speed reading techniques like using visual pacers, eliminating subvocalisation and regression, and whether we can use technology to help us read faster.

If you want to become a truly skilled reader then this course is for you.

Course length: 8 classes (46 minutes)
Materials: Exclusive PDF guide to the rules of English spelling


The invention of writing is incredible for many reasons. But the main reason writing is so important is because of what it does: it allows us to transmit information through space and time.


Spoken language and written language are different, but linked in a deep way, and you need to understand this link in order to be a better reader.


This might seem obvious, but reading starts with our eyes, and so to understand reading, we need to understand how our eyes work, more specifically, how they move.


The continuing attractiveness of speed reading reveals something about a lot of people’s relationship with reading: they want to do it faster. Is speed reading possible?


If you feel like you’re not reading fast enough, it makes perfect sense to look inwards, and to blame the problem on bad habits, and maybe if you learned to correct them, you would be able to read faster.


Can we change the text so we can read faster? You might think that this is a modern idea, but people have been playing with the way text is presented for literally thousands of years.


What exactly is a skilled reader, and how do you become one? To answer this question, we need to understand a little bit about how language works, and how we learn it.


Why read? The fact is that more and more people every day cannot find a good answer to that question.

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