The Speaking Challenge.

Build your vocabulary and your confidence every month.

Use it or lose it.

Do you know lots of vocabulary but you always forget it when you need to use it? The Speaking Challenge is designed to solve this problem.

The science tells us that the only way to really learn vocabulary is to use it, and make it personal, and that’s exactly what you will do in the Challenge.

Plus, it teaches you only the most frequent vocabulary in English, so you won’t waste your time learning vocabulary you will never use.

Watch a sample video.

Speaking Challenge question:
What lucky thing have you experienced?

How does it work?

Academy members are part of a private community where they can record and share their answers to the daily Speaking Challenge question and get group feedback from the teacher!

They can also listen to the recordings of other community members from all over the world, learning about other cultures, and experiencing modern Global English communication.

The Speaking Challenge in numbers:

Countries represented
Audio recordings shared
Words learnt

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