The Art of Pronunciation.

Transform your speaking skills with our comprehensive English pronunciation course: Learn the theory and practice for clear and confident communication in every situation.

About this course.

The Art of Pronunciation is and English pronunciation course that is designed to help you to be a better communicator. The core of language is conversation, and good pronunciation makes conversation easier, so good pronunciation equals good communication.

The course has three main objectives:

The first objective is to destroy myths and misconceptions, and explain what is possible, and necessary, to do with your pronunciation to communicate effectively.

The second objective is to show you the most important sounds in English and how to produce them, including:

  • A complete guide to English consonants
  • A complete guide to English vowels
  • How to combine sounds in connected speech
  • The prosody of English, including rhythm, stress and reduction
  • How to practice and measure your pronunciation
  • and much more!

And the final, and biggest, objective of this pronunciation course is to kill shame. Research shows that pronunciation is probably the number one cause of shame and embarrassment for people learning a language. That is not acceptable, and by the end of this course you will love the way you speak.

Course length: 32 classes (2 hours 40 minutes)

5 classes. 31 minutes.

Pronunciation is not only about making the right sounds. There is also an important social aspect. In this part of the course you will learn the theory of pronunciation, to help you to understand the important themes of accent and identity.

2 classes. 18 minutes.

Learn about how pronunciation is a physical, but also multimodal activity, and how to separate sound and writing, the IPA, and how we don’t listen with our ears.

4 classes. 18 minutes.

Discover the physical instruments you need to use to produce the sounds of English, including your anatomy, using air, creating movement, and oral posture.

14 classes. 39 minutes.

Learn which sounds are important for English pronunciation, with a complete guide to all of the English consonants and vowels, based on evidence from real-world communication.

6 classes. 47 minutes.

Sounds are almost never used in isolation. They are part of sentences, paragraphs, whole conversations, and when we combine sounds together, they change, and you will learn exactly how that process works in English.

1 class. 7 minutes.

Learn the fundamental techniques that professionals use to teach and practice pronunciation and measure progress.

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