Human Grammar.

Learn and use English grammar confidently without memorising rules.

About this course.

Traditional grammar courses focus on teaching language like mathematics: memorising rules and words to create language. Human Grammar is completely different.

In this course you will learn about how grammar comes from humans, not from textbooks, and how this makes the ‘difficult’ parts of English easy to learn and use.

This course covers all of the major aspects of English grammar including adjectives and adverbs, tenses, reported speech, prepositions of time and space, clauses, phrasal verbs, business English and more, this course is a complete guide to the human side of the English language.

Christian’s classes and interviews with language experts have been viewed by millions of people on YouTube, and this is your opportunity to experience his revolutionary perspective on grammar in incredible detail.

Course length: 64 classes (16 hours 12 minutes)
Materials: Exclusive downloadable PDFs

6 classes. 147 minutes.

Learn about the difference between traditional grammar and Human Grammar, and how grammar evolved from human experience, giving you a fundamentally new way to learn and understand English grammar without studying rules.

9 classes. 133 minutes.

Learn about the building blocks of English grammar including word order, articles, adjectives, adverbs, and auxiliaries. Learn how to make questions and use the passive voice based on the principles of Human Grammar.

9 classes. 129 minutes.

Learn about how the English language represents concepts of time, including tense, aspect, and reported speech. Includes detailed explanations of every single tense in English and how to manipulate them for more effective communication.

8 classes. 77 minutes.

Learn about how the English language represents concepts of space, including prepositions of position and movement. Includes detailed information about phrasal verbs and how they use human experience to create meaning.

6 classes. 99 minutes.

Learn about the Human Grammar of probability, which explains the complex subject of modal verbs and conditionals in a simple way.

8 classes. 116 minutes.

Good communicators are also efficient communicators. Learn about how language is a battle between expression and efficiency, and how to use ellipsis, relative clauses, and other grammar tricks to communicate more effectively with less effort.

10 classes. 156 minutes.

Learn about the myth of ‘Standard English’ and the incredible variety of the English language. From business English, to academic English, to informal ‘everyday’ English, you will discover how to use the right language in the right moment.

7 classes. 106 minutes.

Metaphors are fundamental to Human Grammar. Learn about how studying fundamental metaphors can make ‘impossible’ parts of English, like phrasal verbs and idioms, easy to learn and use.

1 class. 9 minutes.

Learn how to continue your Human Grammar journey and apply all the lessons from the course to your communication in the real world.

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