Join my live intensive 8-week English grammar course.

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Learn the logic behind English grammar

Most grammar courses are based on the idea that grammar is made of rules, and that language works like a computer program. This course is completely different. It is based on the fact that grammar comes from humans, and we are not computers. In this course you will learn the logic of the most fundamental parts of English grammar, so you can feel confident using your English without the boring and ineffective memorisation of rules. And you will have unlimited opportunities to put your new grammar skills to use with other motivated learners in the study groups!

This is not a video course

This course is designed with one thing in mind: YOU. Instead of pre-recorded videos that treat all students the same way, this course will be fully live and interactive and incorporate your questions and feedback to create a personalised learning experience (it also means that places are extremely limited!)

Course format

Live teaching

All the classes and activities are live on Zoom, not pre-recorded videos, to create the ultimate personalised learning experience.

36 hours with Christian

During the course you will spend more than 4 hours every week live with me learning and exploring English grammar!

Interactive study groups

The best part of this course will be the friends you make along the way! You will study with motivated learners from all over the world!

Supporting free education

I believe deeply in the importance and power of education. That’s why Canguro has teamed up with the charity Pencils of Promise, and 100% of the proceeds from this course will go directly towards building a school for poor children in Laos.

Important information

If you can understand my YouTube videos, then you will be able to understand this course.

For the best experience you will need to be able to attend the classes live, but all of the content will be recorded so you can watch them at any time. The recordings will be available to watch forever.

No. Everything will be provided.

The course will be delivered via Zoom and Telegram. Why? Because both of these programs are free, secure, private, and available in almost every country in the world. You will need a good internet connection to take full advantage of the course.

Normally everything I create is free forever, but this is a charity project.

If you have a question about the course please email me at and I will try to help!

Enrolments are now closed

I’m sorry you missed out, but the course will be back soon! Enter your email address below to be notified when enrolments open again.