The Speaking Challenge

Do you know lots of vocabulary but you always forget it when you need to use it? The Speaking Challenge is designed to solve this problem.

The science tells us that the only way to really learn vocabulary is to use it, and make it personal, and that’s exactly what you will do in the Challenge.

Plus, it teaches you only the most frequent vocabulary in English, so you won’t waste your time learning vocabulary you will never use.

Enjoy the free lesson below and discover how easy it can be to learn and remember the most common words in English.

How does the Speaking Challenge work?

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Free lesson

Step 1: Download the PDF

Each lesson comes with a PDF which contains:

• A full transcript of the video
• More details and examples for each word
• The Speaking Challenge question

Step 2: Watch the video

In this video you’re going to learn 6 common words, including a phrasal verb!

Step 3: Answer the question

Academy members are part of a private community where they can record and share their answers to the daily Speaking Challenge question and get community feedback from the teacher!

You can also listen to the recordings of other community members from all over the world, learning about other cultures, and experiencing modern Global English communication.

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Learn more than 600 words right now!

In the Academy you will have instant access to all of the Speaking Challenge videos which will teach you more than 600 of the most common words in English.

But the vocabulary learning doesn’t stop there! As an Academy member you will also have unlimited access to:

  • Courses – Unlimited access to all my courses
  • Book Club – Read and analyse a new book every month
  • Film Club – Watch and analyse a new film every 2 weeks
  • And much more!

The Academy is not just videos

The Academy is designed for one thing: communication, so the Canguro community is the most exciting part!

As a member you will have unlimited access to more than 100 hours of English immersion per month with incredible teachers in the Virtual Academy.

Includes my Vocabulary masterclass

“What’s the best way to learn vocabulary?”
“How can I remember the words I study?”
“What words should I learn?”
“What are the best free tools for studying vocabulary?”

I answer these questions and more in my vocabulary learning masterclass which is included in the Academy.